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My Personal Experience With Ewen Chia

I met Ewen Chia back in 2009 at an offline event. He was speaking at a seminar about affiliate marketing. At that time I knew absolutely nothing about internet or affiliate marketing. I was just a student in school back then. But I signed up for his coaching program because I was fascinated with the idea of making money online. And so I took the plunge. I invested a few thousand dollars in his coaching program to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing.

One Thing I Noticed About Ewen Chia

My Personal Experience With Ewen ChiaEwen Chia is a very down to earth guy. He wasn’t carrying a whole lot of bling. He was in fact very approachable. I had the chance to chat with him personally after the event. There was an air of sincerity in him which I liked. He didn’t appear or arrogant. He didn’t act as though he knew it all. He was really very humble. It was almost as if he did not want the limelight, or as though he did not want to speak on a platform. Granted, yes, he is a speaker, and he sells his coaching program at offline seminars and events. But I could see that he genuinely wanted to help people. He wasn’t one who was in the industry just to make money from other people. And that is quite a rarity in the speaking industry.

Ewen Shares Way Too Much

I was really very surprised at how much he shared at the offline seminar that I went for before I signed up for his coaching program. It was a free seminar too. Why would he be sharing things that should not be said in public, and at a free event? That was crazy! I guess he really wanted to give tremendous value to the people who were attending it. What I learnt at his coaching program was even crazier. He has a wealth of knowledge and he does not hesitate in sharing that with his students. I learnt a whole lot from sitting under his mentorship. In fact, I learnt so much, I needed a lot of time to digest it. He is not stingy.

So What Exactly Is His Coaching Program?

At that time, his coaching program was a 2 full day workshop where we would learn the ropes of affiliate marketing and how anyone can make money online without selling any products. I’m not about to give you any spoilers, but what I will say is, it was well worth my investment. In fact, he gave tremendous value, the amount I paid is nothing compared to the amount of value I got from the coaching program. If I had to review his coaching program, I would say it’s well worth the money you pay.

What He Teaches Really Works

Knowledge is nothing if you do not take action, so the following week, I reviewed what I had learnt during the workshop and took massive action. Took a bit of time, but after consistent action taking and perseverance, I finally got my first sale! And then I repeated the process and made another one, and another one, and another one!

Life Wasn’t Always A Bed Of Roses

My journey in internet marketing wasn’t always a smooth one, and very often I would encounter some difficulty here and there. I made lots of mistakes too. But I learnt from them. I was keeping in touch with Ewen Chia’s support team via email, and sometimes over the phone. I would ask them lots of questions. I was dead serious about making my business a success for the long haul. And once in a while I would also thank them for their continual mentorship and support, even showing them screenshots of sales I generated.

Fast Forward To 2018

Today I am very thankful for what I learnt from Ewen Chia. It’s not something I would have learnt in school. Ewen and his team have been really great mentors. Ewen isn’t a scammer or one of those so-called gurus that come and go. He’s been around since 2007 and he’s still going strong. While this post isn’t meant to be a review, I hope you have a better idea of who he really is. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know him personally, and I hope you will get the same opportunity I had too.

Don’t Believe Those Negative Ewen Chia Fake Reviews

Don’t Believe Those Negative Fake ReviewsBecause we live in a world where the internet allows freedom of speech, people can say whatever they want, and unfortunately, most of the time what people say is completely untrue.

Take this for example. If you check out Ewen Chia on Google, you will see that a lot of people have written bad stuff about him. Hi, my name is Peter, and I’ve had the privilege of knowing Ewen Chia personally. In fact, I’ve worked with him for a long time. You might think I’m just trying to defend my long time friend here by saying what they are writing is false. However I want you to see a deeper pattern that’s going on among the very people who are disparaging Ewen.

Here’s what I’ve noticed.

  • The things they write about him and my products are fake

I know this is subjective. You may not believe this. So let me proceed straight to the next point.

  • They promote their own offers

If you actually read to the end of the reviews, you will see that these people are promoting their own offers. Not just any offer though. I’ve noticed that most, if not all of them, are promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Which brings me to my next point.

  • Ewen is not the only guy they’re writing bad stuff about

I browsed through the websites of these people who wrote bad stuff about Ewen and I saw that Ewen is not the only guy who’s been a victim of fake negative reviews. In fact, I see a lot of credible internet marketers as well getting their heat.

  • They’re clearly riding on his name to get attention

The name Ewen Chia gets a lot of traffic on the internet. So what’s an easy way to get traffic? Leverage on somebody’s fame. They’re basically leveraging on his name to get views on their website, where they in turn disparage him in hopes to win over their readers to join their own program (Wealthy Affiliate for most of them).

Is this something Wealthy Affiliate is teaching their students to do? To write bad stuff about internet marketers just to get downlines for themselves?

At the end of the day, it is the owners of Wealthy Affiliate who really benefit from this strategy. Because so many of their members are writing negative reviews about so many marketers, and every day, people are being won over to join Wealthy Affiliate while avoiding credible internet marketers who teach ethical strategies to generating revenue on the internet. I don’t know what you think of it. I am disgusted by how people can do this with a clear conscience. At the end of the day, there is still freedom of speech on the internet. As the general consumer, I hope you do not get fooled by everything you read on the internet, because not everything you’ll find is true.

Peter Ho

Beware Of Reviews By Wealthy Affiliate

Beware Of Reviews By Wealthy AffiliateRecently I have been seeing a lot of content on the internet about Ewen Chia being a scammer and his products not being legit. Well I had a closer look at the content, and what I saw was really despicable. Let me explain.

Here’s what I can see. Other people are siphoning and leveraging on Ewen Chia’s name just to get traffic to their website. The content on their website is falsely disparaging Ewen Chia’s credibility. However, the general consumer do not know well enough, and so, they will believe the fake negative reviews about Ewen Chia. In turn, these website owners will promote their own offer and product. This is certainly a strategy that has been around for a long time, and Ewen Chia is not the only victim. Loads of credible internet marketers and coaches out there have been on the receiving end of fake negative reviews. Beware of negative reviews and the people behind them! Here are a few of the culprits:

Ian Pribyl of

He writes about scam products on the internet but his website Stopping Scams is a big internet marketing scam in itself. He has even been called out by fellow internet marketer Desmond Ong. (Like Ewen, I’ve met Desmond personally and I can verify that he and Ewen are legit.) Ian writes fake reviews about Ewen’s products, gives them bad ratings, and in turn promotes his own offer as a “credible” alternative, Wealthy Affiliate.

Roderick “Nathaniell” of One More Cup Of Coffee

Like Ian, he has written a lot of fake negative reviews about Ewen (and other credible marketers) and given Ewen’s products dismal ratings. He ends off his reviews by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Actually there are more like Ian and Nathaniel, and they all do the same thing. They write negative reviews about Ewen Chia’s and other marketers’ products, and in turn promote their own Wealthy Affiliate link. This strategy is unethical but it works, because these Wealthy Affiliates have managed to fool a lot of people out there.

I am thankful that there are some who are a bit more discerning and not easily fooled by negative reviews. Here’s what I read on an “Ewen Chia product review” which I found on YouTube:

Beware Of Reviews By Wealthy Affiliate

(“Black hat marketing” is just another way of saying unethical marketing.)

As you can see, there are also people who believe in and support Ewen Chia. So clearly Ewen is not a scammer.

Note: I am not saying ALL Wealthy Affiliates are practicing this unethical marketing method. What I am saying is most of the people I’ve found who are writing fake negative reviews about Ewen are promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

So before you come to your own conclusion, just remember that you can find pretty much everything and anything on the internet. You cannot take whatever information you find online at face value.

Beware Of Fake Ewen Chia Reviews

On the internet, people can say anything they want, and they have said a lot of
fake stuff about me, Ewen Chia. I mean, look at what they’re writing. Read
carefully. They are leveraging on my name and writing bad things so that they
can attract traffic and in turn promote their own products and offers. This is
quite unethical, but people still do it.

So just to give you an idea, these people writing fake reviews are using search
engine optimization (SEO) techniques and targeting keywords such as “Ewen
Chia scam
”, “Ewen Chia Autopilot Profits”, “Autopilot
Profits reviews”, “Ewen
Chia reviews
”, and so on.

This strategy aims to kill the competition, because the general public do not
know any better and have a propensity to believe negative reviews. People are
misled and will continue to believe the fake
Ewen Chia reviews

I have been a victim of these fake reviews and I still am.

So how do you spot fake Ewen Chia reviews?

#1 Targeting Popular Gurus, Brands And Products

Fake reviews are often targeted at popular gurus, brands and products because
they have huge traffic and search volume, ie. demand. In fact, this is the only
way the strategy can be effective.

#2 Bashing One Product To Promote Another

If someone is bashing a product or products unfairly, only to recommend another
“better” product that he or she is making a commission on, then
it’s likely a fake review.

Some of these website owners also go as far as to promote themselves as a more
credible and trustworthy alternative, as the other guru or brand is seen in
a bad light based on their “reviews”.

#3 Multiple Search Engine Rankings

As mentioned, the way this works is by targeting popular keywords that describe
their competitors’ names and products.

They then try to rank for these multiple keywords on the search engines to
get traffic.

Think about it, why would another website try so hard to rank and get traffic
for other people’s names and product names on the search engines?

The very fact that they are doing this shows you they are using fake reviews
as a strategy to make money.

The truth is that big companies like Facebook, Apple and Samsung also have
their fair share of haters. People say bad things about them. They still do.
But if these companies were not big brands, people may not be giving them as
much attention. So the more successful a person becomes, the more they’re
likely to get hate. So as a general consumer, I hope you do your due diligence
and not just believe everything that is written on the internet.

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